Used Clothing Recycling

Do you have clothing that just does not fit anymore?  How about worn out clothing you have been storing in your closets, attics, and garage?  Seconds offers drop off centres and pick up services to help you clear out the unwanted clothing.  Seconds will purchase used clothing only by volume (2500lbs and up); contact us for details and pricing.

These purchased clothes will be sold to a charity at a discounted price which the charity will resell the used clothing to a for-profit thrift store (i.e. Value Village) that they are currently contracted to supply. If none of the these charities are in need, another option will be to sell the clothing into a second or third world market that can’t afford new clothing.

Clothing Drives

While offering recycling services we also offer Clothing Fundraisers for Churches in Ontario.  Our programs are set up to help Churches collect used, not wanted clothing for clothing bank; like Steps Recovery, and thrift stores; like Value Village.

Total Recycling Programs

Total Recycling Program will cut your dumping fees by up to 75%. The program will not only let your store become a greener, but also allow you not to worry about another dumping fee after a long weekend of garage sales. The world moves at a rapid pace and the system that is currently in place is no longer cost efficient.

Do you have questions or would like to learn more about our recycling programs? Contact Us Today.