Newmarket, Ontario

Used Clothes Drop Off

Get rid of all your old clothes at Seconds Wholesale's recycling drop off in Newmarket.  We purchase products that can be recycled so that they don't end up in the landfill.  Our Recycling Depot accepts everything from used clothing to scrap material and plastic products.

We even take used appliances that have reached the end of their lives.  Our recycling drop off location in Newmarket brings solutions to help you cut back on the amount of old cloth that is sent off to landfills.

Seconds Wholesale even offers pick up services if you do not have a way to get your recyclable items to us.  There really is no reason for you to toss things into the landfill now!  We want to save the world, and we know you do to.  Recycling everything we possibly can is something big and small that anyone can do.  It doesn't really matter how much or how little you have to recycle.  All that matters is that you recycle rather than just throwing it away.  This planet is the only one we've got, so we should treat it with the respect it deserves.  Let's protect the future, one recyclable item at a time!

Used Clothing Donation Program

Have you ever wondered how used clothing makes its way into the hands of those who need it?  Sometimes it’s much more complicated than you simply donating it to a local charity.  Often the volume of unwanted clothing in one area is much higher than the level of need there, so those clothes must be redistributed through programs like Seconds Wholesale’s used clothing donation program in Newmarket.

The way our program works is very simple.  We run a clothing drive for churches throughout Ontario.  Right now there are seven participating churches that take part in our program.  All of these churches are able to earn money from this clothing drive so that they can pay to fund their programs.  We take all of the clothing donated to our fundraising program and sell it to churches at a discounted price.  These churches then sell those clothes at a higher price to thrift stores or clothing banks, enabling the churches to earn money on the sale of the used clothing while also redistributing used clothing across the province to places where it is needed most.

In some cases, clothing can even be sent to second or third world countries where no one can afford to buy new clothes, so nothing ever goes to waste.

Used Clothing Recycling

Whether you’re sitting on piles of old clothes that just do not fit you anymore or you’ve got an attic or garage full of clothes that are simply worn out, Seconds Wholesale can help!  We offer used clothing recycling in Newmarket, even purchasing old clothes in bulk if you have 2500 pounds or more to get rid of.  Just contact us for details on the pricing.  We offer both pick up services and used clothing recycling centers in Newmarket where you can drop your old clothes off.

All of the old clothes we collect are sold for a discount to various charities.  The charities then turn around and resell those clothes to a thrift store that is operating for a profit.  Sometimes there are no local area charities that are in need; when this happens, we sell those clothes to a market located in a second or third world country so that someone, somewhere, can make good use of them.

Seconds Wholesale also offers clothing fundraisers to help churches collect old clothes for their clothing bank.  Our Total Recycling Program also helps you be smarter about what you throw away.  Your store becomes greener and your dumping fees are cut by almost 75 percent.

Metals and Electronics Recycling

Recycling eWaste, old electronics, and scrap metal in Newmarket has never been easier.  Did you know that people in Ontario get rid of over 91,000 tons of electronics every single year?  Unfortunately the majority of this waste isn’t handled properly because people don’t realize the kind of threat it poses when it is disposed of.  While the mercury, cadmium, and lead that’s inside of these items doesn’t hurt while they are in regular use, these same materials can leech into the ground and cause serious health and environmental problems if these electronic items are disposed of improperly.

The eWaste, electronic, and metal recycling program in Newmarket at Seconds Wholesale accepts scrap metals of all kinds, scrap catalytic converters, precious metals, gold, and even white metals that are commonly used to make large appliances.  We also accept old, recyclable electronics so that you don’t have to keep them on your shelf where they are just collecting dust.

All of these old items are sent to an approved facility for the Ontario Electronic Stewardship where they can be recycled safely without threat to our planet or to life.  This diversion program is designed to take a chunk out of the large number of old electronics that are mishandled every year.

Don't hesitate to contact us at 705.623.4067 if you any questions.