Making the Most of Clothing Fundraising in Ontario

Clothing fundraising has been used within the non-profit community for decades as a means for bringing in donations. After all, more people are generally willing to give up some old clothes that they are no longer wearing rather than their hard-earned cash. I know what you're thinking right now.

Raising funds with old clothing typically looks like a musty store that smells like old clothes. While you probably won't be able to get away entirely from that picture, you can jazz up that old fundraising strategy. Here are some fresh ideas to help you get more out of your clothing fundraising efforts.

  • Take part in an organized clothing fundraising program like the one run by Seconds Wholesale. Their program currently has seven churches participating in it, and they earn revenue to fund their own programs through the clothing drive program. Thanks to Seconds Wholesale, these churches are able to collect gently used clothes, which are then sold at various thrift stores to earn some cash.

  • Host a "fashion show" with some of the more unusual clothing items that come into your organization. These shows are always fun and give attendees an opportunity to do more than just donate old clothes. They just might show up with a bag of clothing to donate as well as some cash for the show.

  • Marketing buzz. Try to create a marketing buzz with anything you are doing, even if it is the traditional clothing bank idea. People will naturally be interested if you can make your advertising efforts interesting.

  • Advertise for special types of clothing people might not think about donating. For example, a few months before Halloween you might run an ad asking for people to donate Halloween costumes. Then you can capitalize on a time of the year when many people are looking for something they can save money on because they are only planning to wear it one time.

Any non-profit organization can bring in a lot of revenue through clothing fundraisers, and there are plenty of options. The first option on the list doesn't even require a whole lot from you, but it does bring in quite a bit of cash, especially for how little of the work you and your volunteers actually have to put into it. So get your thinking cap on and decide which combination of the above ideas will work for you.

To learn more about used clothing fundraising in Ontario contact Seconds Wholesale, your best choice to help your not for profit raise the funds you need.