How Used Clothing Donations can Benefit Everyone

Organizations need to raise money for all sorts of activities, and used clothing donations are a great way to do this, even if you don’t necessarily need the clothing itself.  Almost everyone has some used clothing they don’t want anymore, and it’s simply collecting dust in the closet at home.

Here are four creative ways used clothing donations can benefit you or your organization:

  1. Used clothing donations can help pay for a class trip.  Businesses like Seconds Wholesale have contracts with various for profit thrift stores and churches to supply their clothing.  If you’ve got a school trip or other program that needs funded, just ask everyone to bring in used clothing donations.  Seconds Wholesale will sell them to help you raise some funds.

  2. Clothes those in need.  In your community, you may be aware of people who need clothing.  Consider starting your own collection of used clothing to help people who can’t afford to buy the things they need.

  3. Get some extra cash.  You might consider setting up a one-time used clothing donation in your neighborhood.  If you can manage to collect a few thousand pounds of clothing among all your neighbors, you can split the cash.

  4. Cut your dumping fees.  A Total Recycling program will help cut down on how much you pay to dump items like clothing.  Sometimes there are items of clothing that can’t be used as they are, but there are ways to recycle these items.  If you’re throwing away a large amount of these items, then the dumping fees can be quite costly, so recycling the clothes as textiles can save on these costs.
Often times many organizations overlook used clothing donations as a way to raise money simply because they don’t actually need the clothes, but there are other ways to make money off of those old clothes.  People are more likely to get rid of their old clothing than they are to make a sizeable donation to your cause, so why not look for a way to put those used clothing donations to work?

Seconds Wholesale will take all of your used clothing donations. They’ll help you raise money for a trip or program or simply give you a way to get rid of your old clothes in an economical, environmentally friendly way.  There are always people who need clothes, and even underwear can be recycled if you recycle it as a textile!