Total Used Clothing Donations, Recycling, Drop Off in Barrie Ontario

Do you have unwanted clothing in your closet that no longer fits, such as outgrown kids clothes, baby clothes, old clothes that you don't like?

Donating used unwanted clothes is a great a way to make space in your wardrobe and you can help others who need clothes. Seconds Wholesale helps non-profit organization build charity programs with used unwanted clothing by providing clothing drop off points, based in Barrie with the service pick up service. Not only that, Seconds Wholesale with purchase the unwanted clothing to be recycled or shipped over seas to countries of need.

The purpose of this clothing drive program is to help charity organizations generate revenue to funds their programs. Seconds Wholesale will purchase the used clothing collected where the charity can take that cash and put towards the program that can make a difference.

We do not pick and choose which charities/churches to works with; we believe each organization is just as important as another.

No less important is Metal and Electronic Recycling Service

We must realize that there are 91.000 tons of items that can be recycled every year. However, only about 25 percent of all this eWaste is being handled properly.  When electronics are being used normally, they don't pose any health hazards, but it's important to realize that these items do contain materials that are hazardous to our health, like cadmium, mercury, or lead.

If these materials do not get handled correctly at the end of the lives of these old electronics, then we have serious health and environmental concerns on our hands.

We know how important it is to reduce waste, so we've made it our goal to save the world, one item at a time. Beside clothing recycling program, we also accept some items that can be recycled such as plastic products, electronic products, and scrap metal such as steel, zinc, magnesium, tungsten, catalytic converters, mixed precious metals, exotic metals, and more.

With all these activities, our environment becomes more clean and comfortable. So contact us at 705.623.4067 if you have any questions about this.

Let's keep our world together to make it better.

Seconds Wholesale

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