Barrie Landfill Alternative

What We Do

Seconds is a for profit company that works closely with different charities and churches in throughout Ontario and Quebec. Seconds does not pick and choose which charities/churches it works with; Seconds believes each organization is just as important as another. Seconds currently works with 13 different thrift stores across Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to always create a cost efficient service by either paying for the recycled items or having a free pick-up service (based on volume and location). At the end of the day, we treat each store differently based on their needs. We’ve been servicing the needs of thrift stores since 2003.

Seconds also collects clothing on behalf of Steps Recovery located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. We’ve been working with Steps Recovery for 2 ½ years, helping maintain the required volume needed for their clothing bank which funds their programs.

Seconds just recently started a clothing drive program that is geared towards churches in Ontario. There are currently 7 different churches that are a part of the program, which generate revenue from the clothing drive to help fund their programs.

We offer the following four recycling programs:

To learn more about our services we invite you to explore our website in details.  If you have any questions please contact us today.

Why We Do It

Whenever you’re creating a business you want every business transaction to create a positive reaction. By receiving someone’s unwanted items, we either recycle them in a proper manner (positive reaction for the environment) or sell the items to a charity that needs to fill certain contract demands with for profit thrift stores. The proceeds from the sale of these items fund that the causes of the particular charities.

For example, a local school that needs to raise funds for a class to go on a trip to South Africa contacts Seconds. We will work with the school to set up a clothing/e-waste drive, where unwanted household items, electronics and clothing are collected and then sold or recycled, which generates money. The clothing collected will be sold to a charity (at a discounted price) that will use their clothing bank to fund their organization, which is then sold to a for profit thrift store. The E-waste that is collected will be than sold to a processor in Ontario that has been approved by The Ontario Electronic Stewardship program. As you can see it’s a win-win arrangement.

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